Integrity and Ethics

Business is a Matter of Human Service is the philosophy by which Dilmah functions. The MJF Charitable Foundation was founded in 2003 with a focus on empowerment with dignity, as the most effective way of assisting the underprivileged. The Foundation designs, manages and monitors humanitarian interventions with the idea of commerce as a means of addressing issues of poverty alleviation.

The MJF Foundation successfully assists with the dignified integration to their communities of Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, underprivileged youth, reformed prisoners, differently-abled adults and poor and marginalized women.

Dilmah was founded on the knowledge of its enduring connection to the land and the surrounding communities in which it operates. Dilmah Conservation is a symbol of Dilmah’s comprehensive commitment to minimizing its impact on the planet, to fostering respect for the environment and ensuring its protection by encouraging a harmonious co-existence of man and nature and the sustainable use of the environment.